Professional Learning Communities

Connecting with colleagues just got a whole lot easier. The PAEA Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are your new home for collaboration with PA educators across the country.

Guide to Using the PLCs

Read about how to get set up and use the PLCs.

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Community Standards

What to do and what not to do while using the PLCs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PLCs?

PLCs are online communities where you can have conversations that matter in an easy and convenient format. Within the PLCs, you can ask questions, upload documents, share tools and resources, and archive important discussions in one convenient location. Gone are the days of sifting through numerous emails to find the conversation you’re looking for. Here, all discussions and communications are organized by specific communities and searchable by topic.

Disclaimer: PAEA is not responsible for the opinions and information posted on this site by others.

What is the expectation of conduct in the PLCs?

The PLCs are a platform for professional collaboration. Please review our Community Standards. PAEA reserves the right to remove posts that violate these guidelines.

I had joined or was active on previous PAEA listservs. Can I still access this information?

All of the information shared on the listservs will remain available within the email chains that they were originally a part of. If you felt that a particular topic was engaging on the listservs, please begin the conversations or introduce the topics into a new community. Documents will not be carried over. If you had shared something of interest, please reshare within the new community.

When will the listservs be officially closed?

The listservs closed on June 19, 2019.

How do I login to the new PLCs? What information do I use?

You may access the PLCs via your PAEA Member Community account (sign in here).

Do I have to be a PAEA member in order to join?

PLCs are a PAEA member benefit; however, non-members may apply for access. These exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and non-members will only be vetted community supporters/advocates for PA education who are approved by PAEA community administrators.

How will I be notified of activity or posts within the PLCs?

You are able to specify your notification preferences. You may set your notification frequency to alert you for every post — or request a daily, weekly, or limited digest — using the drop-down menu above the name of each PLC.

Who can contribute to the PLCs?

Any PAEA member can contribute and collaborate. You will likely see engagement from PAEA staff, program directors, program members, and/or anyone subscribed to that particular PLC.

Can I attach documents? If so, what kind of documents can I attach?

Yes, you can attach and share documents. The file size limit for files attached to posts and comments is 2 GB. There are no file type limitations, and you can attach up to 10 files to a single post or comment.

I’m a volunteer or part of a PAEA group. Will there be a PLC specific to my group?

Many PAEA volunteer groups will be transitioning over to a private PLC. Please check with your PAEA staff partner to see if yours is included in this transition.

What PLCs exist?

A PLC exists for each one of the previous PAEA listservs. Find the list here. There are also additional PLCs for hot topics, events, and some of our volunteer groups.

How many PLCs can I join?

You are able to join as many PLCs as you would like. If you are part of a closed group or event, you will receive an invitation to join that specific group.

Can I start a new group? If so, how?

New communities can be requested and will be created and approved at the discretion of PAEA staff. Niche topics of discussion or community ideas that do not clearly fit under a broader group are more likely to be approved. To request a new community, submit a support case via “My Support Cases” in the navigation bar and a PAEA staff member will contact you with next steps. PAEA staff will develop PLCs for volunteer groups and events as necessary.

How do I report content that may violate the community standards?

Members and moderators have the ability to report potentially objectionable content, including advertisers, and/or comments for PAEA staff to review and take action on. Please submit a support case via “My Support Cases” in the navigation bar if you see a posting that you think is not in adherence with PAEA’s Community Standards and guidelines and PAEA will take appropriate action.

Can I disseminate a survey via the PLCs?

The PLCs are not intended to be a platform for individual survey dissemination. Understanding the need for avenues to share surveys, PAEA has created a dedicated Member Surveys PLC. Please only share surveys in this group. Surveys posted in other groups will be moved to this dedicated PLC. If you are interested in participating in others’ surveys, please become a member of this PLC to receive notifications for new surveys posted.