The PAEA Business Meeting: Our Democracy in Action

By Michael Murphy, chair, Governance and Ethics Board

The 2019 PAEA Education Forum will soon be upon us, packed with exciting sessions on every imaginable topic in PA education. Hopefully, all of you who will be there are building your personal Forum Planner. As you do, please consider adding to it the Business Meeting from 7:00–8:20 a.m. on Saturday.

This is actually one of the most important sessions at the Forum — our Association’s annual membership meeting, required by our bylaws, where PAEA members can learn about the state of the Association’s activities and finances, hear updates from other PA organizations, and perhaps most importantly, vote on PAEA policies. This is where PAEA’s democratic mechanisms are most robust and visible. For those of you with AAPA roots, it is something like the House of Delegates meeting, only it lasts for 80 minutes instead of three days.

Although it is true that only program directors or their designated representatives may cast the program’s vote at the meeting, the business meeting is definitely not just for program director — anyone may attend. And if you are someone with future leadership aspirations in PAEA, or who simply wants to learn more about the workings of PAEA and PA organizations generally, I strongly encourage you to attend.

This year we will be voting to adopt the Core Competencies for New PA Graduates, a set of competencies developed by a PAEA task force that are specific to our graduating students. This is a core document that may well shape our programs for many years to come; as many people as possible should be there to discuss and vote on it. We will also be voting to reaffirm or revise many of the Association’s position policies, as well as on a newly drafted position policy on Optimal Team Practice.

We look forward to seeing you there!