Our Vision

Using the Association’s vision of “Health for All” in conjunction with its mission of “Leadership, Innovation, and Excellence in PA Education,” PAEA Learning seeks to provide a holistic approach to your career development.

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Committed to Your Success

As the only national association representing all of the accredited PA programs in the United States, it is our privilege and duty to provide professional development resources to our members. With thousands of faculty and staff in our member programs, meeting the needs of everyone from novice educators to seasoned faculty can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s a difficult problem that PAEA Learning has embraced and is making strides toward solving through the release of its Digital Learning Hub, an online learning platform that allows faculty to create personalized learning pathways with high-quality content.

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Digital Learning Hub

The Digital Learning Hub was developed around the needs of PA faculty across roles, areas of interests, required competencies, and career milestones. Using the content areas identified in the Learning Map, PAEA partnered with EdCast and LinkedIn Learning to create an interactive, user-centered platform that allows faculty to access professional development resources anytime from anywhere.

One of the main goals of the digital learning hub is to eliminate barriers and increase access to professional development resources. Now, with just a login and a few simple clicks, members can access thousands of pieces of content on their own.

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Meeting Our Members' Needs

The Digital Learning Hub is just one piece of a greater faculty development vision that began in 2015 with a dialogue between the chair of the Faculty Development Council and his staff partner. The two knew that — while PAEA is known for its great workshops and annual Education Forum — these offerings would be insufficient to meet the needs of faculty, especially given the exponential growth of PA programs combined with major paradigm shifts in higher education. They put their heads together, along with others from within and outside of PAEA, to develop the Pathways to Professional Excellence plan — a vision for how the Association could help support and educate PA faculty.

We're Just Getting Started

We’re so glad you’re among the first to visit PAEA Learning, and we want you to know that this is only the beginning of what we will offer. See our phased plan below:

Phase 1: Digital Learning Hub

Eliminate barriers and increase access to professional development resources.

Phase 2: Professional Learning Communities

Utilize online communities where everyone can have a voice.

Phase 3: Event Registration

Provide members with in-person workshops, forums, and regional education meetings.